Friday, May 8, 2015

Electric Vehicle Challenge

Mr. Moore's NHHS students did an amazing job at the Electric Vehicle Challenge Final Event! After a lot of hard work and long hours the awards are in:

3rd Place Range, STEM Cycle Class

2nd Place Troubleshooting, STEM Cycle Class - Shane Davis and Matthew Borneman

1st Place Vehicle Design, STEM Cycle Class - Duncan Borneman, Nolan Jewell

3rd Place Overall, STEM Cycle Class

Please congratulate these guys on their awesome performance.

There are several more students who helped us get here that could not attend and without whose help our success would not have been possible:

Marissa Barbe, Faith Copeland, Nathan Hutchens, Dominic Harden, Cristian Silva, Zachary Busch, Kevin Chirinos, Thomas Craven, Abelardo Rivera, Zachary Seward

FROM MR. MOORE: We are looking for old bed frames. The metal from these will be used to help construct structural components for our vehicles. I will gladly come to you/meet you to pick up your donation. Should you just happen to have 1-1/2" to 2" angle iron just laying around, we would love to have that too.