Friday, February 19, 2016

AP EXAM REGISTRATION - Window closes 3/11!

AP Students and Parents/Guardians,

If your child is currently taking an AP Course or took an AP Course Fall Semester this year, they received their AP information packet and instructions for registering for the AP Exam today, Friday, February 19th. Registration for AP exams will run from Monday, February 22nd through Friday March 11th. Students will not be able to register for any AP exam after March 11th.

In order to register for an AP Exam, students will need to register with their AP teacher for each respective course in which they want to be tested. In addition, students will need to turn-in the Income Form (see attachment) in order to be registered for their exams. This form should be completed by a parent and is vital information for the state of North Carolina in an effort to continue to provide AP testing at no cost to students/parents. 

We encourage all AP students to take the AP exam for all of their courses, as the test is free and it can only help them in their academic future. Thank you.