Friday, October 23, 2015

JUNIORS AND SENIORS; Honors Service Learning

JUNIORS AND SENIORS: Applications for the Honors Service Learning class for next semester (Spring) are available in room 205. The deadline is OCTOBER 31st.  Please see Mrs. Felts for any questions. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

STEM Cycle Success!

This weekend four of our students, along with Mr. Millis and Mr. Moore, were in Northampton County attending an electric vehicle seminar and workshop. The students attending were Jabar Brewer, Dominic Harden, Joseph Jakway, and Elijah Leslie.

After many, many, many long and late hours during the school day and over this weekend our electric vehicle, the STEM Cycle, is finally up and running! Fully functioning! This is an electric vehicle we've built from scratch, from the ground up.

The students did an amazing job and our success this weekend was made possible by the efforts of former and current students. In addition to the students who attended the workshop this weekend, Thomas Craven and Abelardo Rivera have made huge contributions and without their help we wouldn't have got it done.